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Welcome to the Marching Matilda Experience...

Launched as a tribute to service and sacrifice to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War, 11 November 2018, this immersive experience leads you through a military  trail of discovery of over 125 years of military history.

The first installation of its type in Australia, this self-guided audio tour narrates the history of military  conflicts  through automatic trigger points as you move into different zones of the Museum, while scan points located at various exhibits share  the stories of specific items along the time-line.

The Marching Matilda Experience consists of a 70min Adult Tour as well as a 35min Junior Tour.

Among the displays are aspects of military history from around the world. These exhibits provide a greater understanding of what other countries have experienced throughout their histories, allowing our visitors to realise not only why some countries are the way they are, but also how lucky Australia is , not to have experienced similar actions ourselves.

A Message of Peace and Resolution…

An underlying tone and message of the exhibition is one of peace and resolution. After all a soldier, sailor or airman is very much the same, no matter which country they serve...  they never choose their destination. That is always determined for them from a higher power. They follow a strict discipline, often based on a rich history of customs and traditions... and they share the sacrifice of family and loved ones... of whom they honour and aim to protect through their actions of service.

By recognising our similarities that we share with those around us. By  accepting the benefit that diversity can provide, allows the notion of peace to grow and perhaps the fear and animosity which can lead to conflict can dissolve, leaving behind a common equality that can be shared for future generations.

Below is a sample of an exhibit and audio which can be found on the  Marching Matilda Experience. 

The Common Bonds.MP3