Wentworth Military Collection



Terms and Conditions of the Draw.

Draw will be conducted with in the Guidelines of the NSW Sate Gambling Rules & Regulations

 A reverse draw is a raffle where every single ticket sold is drawn from the barrel, with the last ticket drawn declared the winner of the major prize.

Numbered tickets must be presented for admission into the event.

The Last ticket drawn out or the barrel will be declared the winner of the $3,000.00 cash prize. There will be a maximum of 200 tickets in the draw. 

Every 20th Ticket drawn out of the Barrel will claim a prize from the items for selection. This allows 9 minor prize winners on the night.

A winner does not have to be present to win a prize. Winners not present on the night will be notified and prizes will be supplied with in 28 days of the draw in compliance with the NSW Gaming Rules & Regulations.

Although winners do not have to be present on the night, to create a better atmosphere for the overall event ticket holders are encouraged to be there in person on the night for the Draw.

Members of the Wentworth Military Collection Board Executive are Prohibited to have tickets in the draw.

A chart with all numbers displayed will be in clear view on the night - each number will be crossed off as drawn out to show all number are drawn out on the night.

Only Adults of 18 Years of Age and above are able to purchase tickets in the draw and can actively take part in the event.

Security will be present throughout the duration of the event.

Alcohol provided for consumption will only be provided until 10pm and must be consumed with in the event venue.